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What is Gaming Stars

By combining the potential of EOS technology with the $100+ billion gaming industry, Gaming Stars aims to create a decentralized and fully automated platform to reward players for their skills.

Decentralized and autonomous platform

GMST escrow and distribution happen automatically and are controlled by smart contracts

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Regulated business

Gaming Stars will obtain a Malta Gaming Authority license to prevent any risks of scams

Own custom protocol

Gaming Stars uses the custom-tailored protocol based on EOS blockchain to ensure high speed, no fees and max network capacity

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Powerful API

Our versatile API enables every game publisher to become a part of the Gaming Stars ecosystem

Fair gaming

AI-powered anti-cheating software protects players from scammers and cheaters

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Gaming Stars Coin

Gaming Stars Coin (GMST) aim to become the first major gaming cryptocurrency. It will facilitate and enhance competitive gaming, casino games and eSports betting.


Cash per Kill

GMST is driving force of a new groundbreaking game mode called "Cash per Kill" that applies the concept of online poker to eSports. The players earn tokens for each kill they make in the mode. The stake is handled and automatically rewarded by the decentralized escrow run by the smart contract powered by GMST.

Cash per Kill is a revolutionary new game mode for Counter Strike that applies the concept of online Poker to video games. You visit the website, select your stake size per kill and start playing for crypto. You earn crypto with each kill and lose with each death.

Skin gambling

Partnership with Malta Gaming Authority allows Gaming Stars to run a fully-licensed and secure decentralized platform and accept in-game item bets such as skins in highly entertaining casino games like dices, roulette or coin flips without a threat of scams. GMST is a power unit of the platform being a prioritized fee currency.

Skins or in-game items are a multi-billion dollar industry. We allow our users to gamble with their in-game items in casino games of one of the first fully regulated skin gambling sites worldwide. For this purpose, we work with the Malta Gaming Authority and allow our users a provably-fair gambling experience.

eSports betting

Bet on your favorite eSports team in our amazing peer to peer network betting system with Gaming Stars Coin. Autonomous smart contracts will automatically award the winners.

eSports betting is the fastest growing betting market worldwide! Some eSports events have more viewers than the NBA finals and the biggest eSports tournament had a prize pool of $25 million. Gaming Stars allows to bet on these events and offers pre-match and live betting odds. For this purpose, we work with Pinnacle, one of the biggest online sportsbook companies worldwide!

Supported games

Already supported with Beta Version of the MVP



Complete First goal
March 2017

First drafts of the Cash per Kill game mode mechanics for CS:GO

Complete Second goal
June 2017

Prototype of the Cash per Kill game mode

Complete Third goal
July 2017

Introduction of cryptocurrencies within the Cash per Kill game mode

Complete Fourth goal
September 2017

Closed alpha launch of the Cash per Kill game mode for CS:GO

Complete Fifth goal
December 2017

Skin gambling platform design

Complete Sixth goal
February 2018

Skin betting platform design

Complete Seventh goal
February 2018

Start of a research on legal aspects of skin betting

Complete Eighth goal
June 2018

First attempts to integrate EOS into the Cash per Kill game mode

Complete Ninth goal
June 2018

Cash per Kill closed beta launch

Complete Tenth goal
July 2018

Funding by the Swiss Holding

Complete Eleventh goal
July 2018

Partnership with NAGA

Complete Twelfth goal
August 2018

Partnership with Laurus Agency

Complete Thirteenth goal
August 2018

Rebranding and website redesign

Complete Fourteenth goal
August 2018

Private GMST Pre-Sale

In progress Fifteenth goal
September 2018

Start of dApp development

Locked Sixteenth goal
October 2018

Public GMST Pre-Sale

Locked Seventeenth goal
October 2018

Expansion of the team

Locked Eighteenth goal
November 2018

Public GMST Main Sale

Locked Nineteenth goal
November 2018

Marketing strategy revision

Locked Twentieth goal
December 2018

Gambling license registration in Malta

Locked Twenty-first goal
January 2019

Cash per Kill public launch

Locked Twenty-second goal
March 2019

Full legal setup ready

Locked Twenty-third goal
March 2019

Own custom protocol launch

Locked Twenty-fourth goal
April 2019

Licensed and fully-regulated skin gambling platform launch

Locked Twenty-fifth goal
April 2019

Integration of Pinnacle for eSports betting

Locked Twenty-sixth goal
May 2019

Licensed eSports betting platform launch

Locked Twenty-seventh goal
May 2019

Integration of NAGA Card

Locked Twenty-eighth goal
June 2019

Launch of the app for PS4 & X-Box games

Locked Twenty-ninth goal
July 2019

$1M Global Cash per Kill CS:GO Tournament

Locked Thirtieth goal
August 2019

100,000 registered users

Locked Thirty-first goal
September 2019

100,000 app downloads

Locked Thirty-second goal
February 2020

AI-powered anti-cheating system integration

Locked Thirty-third goal
April 2020

Release of Gaming Stars public API

Token sale specification

  • Total GMST Supply: 100,000,000*
  • Token Type: ERC20 Token
  • Name: Gaming Stars Coin
  • Symbol: GMST
  • Soft Cap: $1 million, equivalent in Ethereum
  • Hard Cap: $27 million, equivalent in Ethereum
  • GMST Price: $1, equivalent in Ethereum

Token distribution:

35 % 20 % 15 % 10 % 10 % 10 %
  • 35 % Crowdsale
  • 20 % Future Strategic
  • 15 % Seed
  • 10 % Sponsorships
  • 10 % Advisors
  • 10 % Team

Funds distribution:

Funds distribution 40 % 30 % 10 % 10 % 8 % 2 %
  • 40 % Research & Development
  • 30 % Customer acquisition
  • 10 % Legal expenses
  • 10 % Operations and Management
  • 8 % Sponsorships
  • 2 % Miscellaneous
Public Pre-Sale Start

October, 15st, 2018

Public Pre-Sale Bonus


Main Sale Start

November, 1st, 2018

Main Sale Bonus



Artem Morgunov

Artem Morgunov


Founder and former CEO of number of startups in the e-commerce and loyalty program spheres. Founder of Optimus Prep, a German-based admissions test preparation provider. Artem is an amateur stock market trader, chess player, and a fan of sports and eSports."

Alexander Büchler

Alexander Büchler


Founder of Def-Shop, an online fashion store with €60+M annual revenue. Creator and owner of 9 fashion labels (DEF, Thug Life, Dangerous Goods, etc.) . A shareholder at Optimus Prep and Evidanza. Alexander is a true entrepreneur, his passion is to build companies from scratch.

Alex Kampa

Alex Kampa

Full-stack blockchain developer

Alex is an experienced blockchain developer. He has been involved in blockchain projects since early 2015 and is the director of Sikoba Ltd, which is developing a decentralized money platform based on peer-to-peer IOUs. Alex has extensive experience in financial markets, IT and monetary theory and is a regular speaker at blockchain conferences.

Christian Doberschuetz

Christian Doberschuetz

ICO adviser

Founder and CEO of CoinLeap, a blockchain company builder and ICO advisory firm based in Berlin and Limassol. Christian is a serial entrepreneur and advisor of Fortune 500 companies. To date Chris has founded 4 companies backed by Goldman Sachs and the European Investment Fund (EIF).

Christopher Beyer

Christopher Beyer

Chief financial officer

Christopher is the experienced financial expert with years of HNWI relations practice in MLP, UBS Russia, and a private bank. He is an early investor in the Gaming Stars project.

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